Customer Reviews

When picking up my cypress wood from the custom lumberyard for restoration of my old Gristmill the owner told me that to make it look old and preserve it I needed eco wood. He was absolutely right. Every single board for my old mill was treated and my Restored mill weathered in about three months. It’s beautiful.


Great product to age and protect wood for many years.
Goes on easily. Does what manufacturer says.
Used on exterior rough sawn cedar planking. Looks aged.
This product turns a different color on different wood species.
Try a sample on the wood species first.
Very easy to use and clean up.
Cedar planking turned a warm gray/slight green hue.
White oak turns a cool medium gray.
Pine turns a light gray.
Hickory has varying gray colors as the wood changes from light to dark.
Very different results from each wood species.
The wood gets saturated and the color changes during the process of drying until completely dry.
Pros: Easy Instructions, Easy to Apply, Easy to Clean, Easy to Use, Even Application, Good Coverage, Good Protection, Looks Great, Looks High End, High Quality of Material

The powder mixes well, and the mixture applies easily to raw wood. The staining begins almost immediately, and within a day the color changes to a gray patina. Of course, I will not know for many years if the product actually helps the wood to resist rot. I applied this to raised planter beds, and the wood inside the raised beds will be in constant contact with moist soil, so I am hoping this mixture helps the raised beds to last a very long time.


I purchased Eco Wood Treatment for my raised vegetable beds. I applied it to unfinished Douglas Fir. The wood started changing immediately, but the final result took several hours. I think it is gorgeous!
Pros: Even Application, High Quality of Material, Easy to Apply, Easy Instructions, Good Coverage, Easy to Use, Looks Great, Looks High End, Modern, Dries Quickly

So glad we found this product. Really easy to use – just mix powder with 1 gallon of water. It’s non-toxic, no nasty fumes and cleans up with water. It’s also about half the cost of a traditional stain! We used it to pre-treat our boards before building raised veggie garden beds.
A helpful tip: You can bring your mixed product (buy an empty paint can to simplify things) to the paint department and have them tint it using a “quick dispense” tint, with any color you want. They don’t even charge for it. We used the color “cedar” because we didn’t want the grey/patina look.
Pros: Dries Quickly, Easy to Apply, Easy to Clean, Easy to Use, Good Coverage, Good Protection

We love how easy this was to mix up and apply! I had been looking for wood treatments that would be safe to use on my veggie garden bed and everything else I’d found was five times as expensive. I love how the cedar looks now. I only purchased this a couple of months ago, so I can’t say how well it works in the long-term, but we are very happy as of now!


We manufacture Beepod beehives out of white pine. Some are six years old dipped in Ecowood…. untreated a hive was rotted in 2 years… the Ecowood Beepods are solid even today. I would never use anything else on any outdoor wood product. Ever. One treatment… Bee Safe… looks like aged oak… no checks, chips, cracks or rot.
Pros: High Quality of Material, Easy to Apply, Easy to Clean, Easy to Use, Good Protection, Looks Great

The 5 gal. Eco wood treatment is very easy to mix, apply and dries quickly. I have not used it long enough to see how long it will help, but this is a great product for raised bed gardening if you are building your own beds. My parents recommended it to me. It has done very well at least 9-months. I like that it is non-toxic, VOC free since I will be growing food in these beds. I searched the internet, and there are not a lot of choices that are as affordable as this treatment. I will probably order more soon, but would love it if Home Depot would stock it locally — I expect they could sell more – It took 10 days from my order for me to receive it.


I used this on some fresh rough-cut cedar paneling that is on the exterior of my garden shed, and for three garden boxes (also cedar). I ended up using only about 2/3 the amount of the Eco-Wood Treatment that the instructions said it would cover (so it covers more than they say it will). I bought 3 boxes but only used 2. I applied one coat with a tank sprayer. I could see results within about 10 minutes. The color initially came in as a grey with a green tint. The green has faded over the past couple weeks to more of a grey/brown. It is perfect! I may end up doing one more application on the garden boxes because the wood is much smoother and it didn’t absorb the treatment as well as the shed. Great product!


Eco Wood Treatment can be purchased at many various stores or on line including  Home Depot, (Sherwin-Williams can order it in for you), Lowes , Home Hardware, Ace Hardware, Tim-br-mart, True Value, Windsor Plywood, Totem, Bloedorn, Alpine, Rona, Franklin Building Supply. Western Building Centre, etc.